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CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATIONAs seen this season on CBS. Join the CSI team and use the virtual JFIRE unit to see
the stunning difference in optical properties between Moissanite and diamond ...more


Say it with ... Moissanite?

USA TODAY - Say it with ... Moissanite?The November 1st issue of USA Today features an article about Moissanite created by Charles & Colvard. Entitled, "Say it with...Moissanite?", the article explores the use of Moissanite jewelry on popular TV shows, and the variety of entertainment and sports celebrities choosing to wear this unique jewel. 
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the read the full USA Today article. 

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Fooling the Experts
New Diamond Substitute More Brilliant Than the Real Thing
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Moissanite to be featured on ABC News 20/20

ABC News program 20/20 will air an investigative report entitled, "Fooling the Experts. Take the Moissanite Challenge" on the February 9, 2001 edition. An excerpt from the promotion article is listed below. You can  go to the 20/20 website to read the entire piece and take their online moissanite challenge.

"20/20 took a one carat moissanite ring to 10 jewelers in the Washington, D.C. area and asked them to examine it and make a rough estimation of its value. Five of them thought the $600 moissanite ring was a real diamond worth thousands. It even tricked an electronic diamond detector."

Then moissanite was put to the ultimate test: the discerning eyes of some brides-to-be. The results will surprise you. Watch 20/20 on Feb. 9."


USA Today ArticleAn article in the February 5, 2001 edition of USA Today (page 6D) entitled, "A real jewel? Man-made gems flash alluring facets" featured Charles & Colvard created moissanite and discussed the advantages of moissanite, and other man-made gemstones, when compared to natural gemstones such as diamond. To the right is a picture and quote from the article. The text-version of the article can be found at the USA Today website through the following link.

USA Today Article

More Sparkle, less bucks: Moissanite has more brilliance than a regular diamond, and a lower price.

Moissanite At The Presidential Inauguration

The Bold and the Beautiful's Hunter Tylo (left) ran into pal Marie Osmond at the California ball and was really thrilled to meet Connie Stevens

Hunter Tylo, the successful actress and a Charles & Colvard recognized "Woman Achiever", attended two of the Presidential Inauguration balls wearing jewelry featuring Charles & Colvard created moissanite designed by Egon Von Furstenberg for Italian designer Bruno Montaldi. This picture, from the February 5th issue of People Magazine, features Ms. Tylo wearing a necklace and earring ensemble featuring 658 brilliant moissanite jewels weighing a total of 38.3 carats. Simply stunning!

Moissanite At The Superbowl

Bonnie Bernstein

Bonnie Bernstein, the accomplished CBS Sports broadcaster and a Charles & Colvard recognized "Woman Achiever", will be wearing jewelry featuring Charles & Colvard created moissanite in her appearances on the Super Bowl XXXV broadcast. Ms. Bernstein stated,

"As a professional woman who is constantly in front of a camera, looking my best is part of my job description. Charles & Colvard created moissanite jewels make me feel beautiful. The fire, brilliance and luster is unlike any other jewel I have ever owned."

Hunter Tylo showcases Charles & Colvard created moissanite jewelry in an exclusive SoapCity photo shoot. Be sure to view the video clips ("Moissanite Jewelry..." and "Dress up with Hunter") of host Leon Hall and Hunter Tylo discussing the fire of Charles & Colvard created moissanite.

SoapCity Photo Shoot

SoapCity Photo Shoot


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