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PRO-M 2 Moissanite Tester from GEMORO


GemOro Pro-D Diamond Tester II

The GemOro Pro-M II is the ultimate Moissanite tester. It quickly separates Moissanite from diamond.
Features of this state of the art tester: Helps to quickly identify Moissanite gemstones Quickly assists with testing most any size Moissanite whether mounted or loose Ergonomic design with special, durable ULTRAgrip™ paint finish LED illuminator that is positioned under the probe tip.

This super white LED lights the stone being tested Spring-loaded tip design that protects the probe tip if excessive force is used during the test or if the unit is dropped European style with chrome-plated accents LED color-coded bar graph that visually indicates the test result: & GREEN = Moissanite (or synthetic diamond) FLASHING RED = Low battery Glowing probe tip indicator that also emits a color-coded light corresponding to the test results GREEN = Moissanite (or synthetic diamond) Sleep mode that reduces battery consumption after 10 minutes of inactivity.

It may be powered by alkaline, NiMH rechargeable batteries or by the included AC adapter Designed to recharge on the GemOro UltraPro Charging Station (sold separately). The PRO-M Tester II has contact plates located at the back end of the tester which allows it to be charge via the optional charging stand Tester comes complete with premium leatherette storage case, leatherette carry pouch, aluminum loose stone holder, 3 user-replaceable rechargeable batteries and AC adapter/charger.

* Please note that electronic stone testers are useful tools used in screening of genuine stones from simulants. They are not meant to be used as the final determination of the authenticity or identity of the gemstone being tested. Such determination should only be made by a certified gemologist. MoissaniteJewelry.com, its distributors or suppliers shall not be held liable for any loss and/or damages associated with the used of its gem identification tools. There are no warranties either expressed or implied contained herein.

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