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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have a catalog ?
  2. Where can I see Moissanite locally ?
  3. Do you have a retail store ?
  4. Other Questions about Moissanite Below.

Do you have a catalog ?

Sorry, we do not currently have a printed catalog.
Most of out jewelry styles are pictured on the website.

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Where can I see Moissanite locally ?

The manufacturers website...  Charles & Colvard  has listings for most areas.
If there is not a retailer listed in your area, try calling around.... Smaller, independently owner stores.

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Do you have a retail store ?

Sorry, no...  We are strictly an internet business.
Our offices & manufacturing facilities are not open to the public,

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We carry only the top-quality Charles & Colvard stones, no seconds, imperfect stones, etc...  Since all the gem quality Moissanite is lab-created, by Charles & Colvard, the stones currently being released, are all almost identical in quality, clarity (VS1 or better) & color (I-J). Stone grading is "opinion" so the opinions may differ slightly from jeweler to jeweler But they are all in those ranges & very consistent We are one of the largest retailers of Moissanite... we buy in bulk & hand pick our stones from large "parcel" selections, so our stones could likely be a little nicer than the ones you've seen..  We particularly try to pick stones that have as little color tint as possible, but they are so consistent there is little noticeable difference, and are still not colorless, but in the I-J range. These color ranges are also more like average quality diamonds & do clearly distinguish Moissanite from CZ.

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I've seen stones that are green or yellow, are yours ?

Many of the early stones (released in the early stages) had problems with color consistency. These problems have been resolved & all the stones currently being released are in the I-J color range. Stones of these colors are considered "near colorless" but can show "traces" of yellowish (or greyish). These "traces" are not normally noticeable, especially when mounted, except in a side by side comparison to a colorless stone (like CZ or very rare "D" color diamonds). We are one of the largest retailers of Moissanite... we buy in bulk & our stones are hand picked from large "parcel" selections, to ensure the nicest stones available.

We do not carry any of the older stones with a overly yellow or green tint.

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Moissanite gems, even though lab-created, is a precious stone...
Unlike CZs that are colorless & flawless.. moissanite is in the I-J color range, more like average quality diamonds are... with the slightly darker color, which is compensated for by a higher refractive index (fire-sparkle).. the overall appearance is virtually identical to most diamonds... Moissanite is also VS1-VVS Clarity, although totally "eye-clean" very slight inclusions are visible under magnification... This also make it look more like diamond, since virtually no diamonds are flawless... Very few jewelers can even tell then apart without careful, close inspection, (and/or formal training in Moissanite identification) while CZs are rather easy to tell apart (by most jewelers).. moissanite is also much harder than CZ, almost equal to diamond & harder than any other stone, which causes it to test like diamond on diamond testers...

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